About Stacey

Working with parents like you is not just a job for me. I bring my skills AND my heart to our work together.  I am passionate about empowering parents to confidently address challenges with their children and bring more joy to the whole family.

EVERY parent goes through ups and downs with their children at one time or another. My clients are often surprised and comforted to learn that I have experienced many of the same difficulties they are facing and that I have personally used a lot of the strategies and techniques that I recommend.

Parents know their children best. I bring a partnership approach to the coaching relationship. We will collaborate to set goals and implement approaches that fit with your family dynamic, values and knowledge of yourself and your children. My clients often tell me that they can talk to me openly and honestly without feeling judged. I care about your family.

I offer coaching for any parent who would benefit from some extra help. I also specialise in Autism Consulting. This includes children across the spectrum and with related neurodevelopmental disorders.  

As a Relationship Development Intervention (RDI™) Program Certified Consultant and parenting coach, one of my greatest strengths is helping parents see that their situation can improve and that THEY can be instrumental in that change. I support parents to overcome their own obstacles that may be impacting their confidence and ability to achieve the outcomes they desire. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to see families thriving, with parents and children who now truly enjoy spending time together.

The time I spend with my son discovering the universe through his inquisitive eyes is now MY greatest joy. He has inspired me to radiate possibility into the world and to share the wisdom I have gained in parenting him over the years.

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Stacey Tessis, B.A., A.T.C.

"When we first met Stacey, our family was in crisis – struggling with our new reality, stressed and lost in how to best move forward.

Stacey is professional but at the same time warm and genuine. She is an incredible listener, very creative, non-judgmental, energetic, dependable, patient, and so knowledgeable.

We are so fortunate to have found Stacey so early in our journey with our son. Through her guidance, our son, and our family have come such a long way!"

- Mother, Toronto