Autism Consulting

Do you long to have a closer connection with your child?

Do you struggle to find effective strategies to manage your child’s behaviour?

Does your child’s inflexibility dictate how your family lives?

Do you constantly worry about your child’s autism and fear that he won’t be able to make friends or one day hold a job?

Parenting a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder has unique challenges and can often leave parents, like you, feeling stressed, overwhelmed and alone. Parenting approaches, rules and routines that seem to work for other kids are not always effective for your child. This can be very discouraging and have an effect on your self-confidence.

As an experienced Autism Consultant and Parent Coach, I can help you to parent your child with confidence and bring more joy to your family. I have a solid understanding of the deficits of autism and related conditions and how they can impact your child’s and family’s daily life. Having worked with a wide range of children (Asperger’s, high and low functioning, verbal and non-verbal) and a variety of family dynamics, I bring a range of strategies that make parenting easier and improve the quality of life for your family. As an RDI™ Program Certified Consultant, I can also share powerful strategies that will help your child be a more effective communicator and manage his or her emotions and behaviour.

Autism Consulting can help you:

  • Parent your child with greater confidence
  • Resolve/manage challenging behaviour
  • Build a stronger connection with your child
  • Set appropriate expectations for your child (not over or undercompensating)
  • Advance your child’s development
  • Reduce stress and normalize family life
  • Spend more quality time together
  • Create positive memories

Choose the service that works best for you:

Strategy Sessions: One hour consultations to address specific challenges – in person, via telephone or Internet conferencing (Skype).

Getting Started Package:

  • One-hour assessment of your child’s current functioning, strengths and obstacles
  • One-hour assessment of the dynamic between parent(s) and child
  • Review of comprehensive parent questionnaires
  • Follow-up meeting to present observations and recommendations (includes parenting strategies and suggested treatments and therapies)

RDI™ Autism Remediation Program – Relationship Development Intervention empowers parents to take the lead in guiding their child's developmental progress while improving the quality of life for the entire family. The program teaches parents to use daily-living activities (play, chores, and household routines) to create opportunities for children and young adults with ASD to gain the abilities that will make the biggest impact on their quality of life - to communicate effectively, develop friendships, and enjoy independence. Learn more >>

In-home Consultations – As a supportive and non-judgmental observer, I can visit your home to see what life is like for you and your family. By seeing your child with autism in his or her home environment and the parenting techniques you use, I can provide recommendations to help you parent with confidence and resolve or manage some of the challenges you face.

Parenting Groups – I can enrich your Mom’s group or get-together with friends by facilitating meaningful conversations on a variety of topics related to autism and parenting. Join me for a morning, lunch or evening of good conversation, helpful strategies and camaraderie, customized specifically for your group.

Parenting Workshops – I provide interactive workshops for parents, teachers and support staff, and professionals that include practical strategies that you can use immediately.

Topics include:

  • Strategies to Promote Meaningful Communicating
  • Strategies to PREVENT Challenging Behaviour
  • Helping Children with ASD Thrive in School Settings


Contact me now to improve your connection with your child and bring more joy into your life. Contact me here or at 416-875-7593.