The Power of the Guided Participation Relationship

For most of us, just the thought of having to speak in public can send us into a panic. What if I make a mistake and everyone laughs at me?  It’s no wonder that many people actually fear public speaking more than death.

And most of us would have been mortified if we had been in seven-year-old Ethan’s shoes. He did not know what he was in for when his teacher chose him to perform his speech in front of the entire school…

Change is overrated - A New Kind of Resolution

For the month of January, I made a vow to do all of my shopping at the local health food store. No, this is not my attempt to try to eat healthier or to shed the extra weight that I put on over the holidays.

It’s actually a means of avoidance and self-preservation. Despite what you think, my decision has nothing to do with avoiding pesticide-laden foods and toxic cosmetics and cleaners so that I can live longer (although this will be a nice bonus!).

The real reason…this is the time of year when every supermarket checkout is littered with magazines whose covers are blazoned with promises that this year will be the year that I keep and achieve my New Year’s resolutions...

The Gift of All Gifts

December seemed to sneak up on me this year.

Maybe it’s because I had been enjoying the unseasonably mild weather we’ve been having, giving me the false sense that December was far far away. Or maybe I was just caught up in the frenetic pace that is my life, where one day on the calendar seems to flip into the next and the next.

Caught unaware, I felt ambushed by December and now face a barrage of to-dos and stress bombs. The attack is relentless: Holiday flyers! Christmas decorations! Cheery carols! School concerts! Exams! Party invitations (Do I really have to go? What am I going to wear?)!  Planning for two weeks of no school!!! “I want…I want” wish lists…