Caregiver Training

Caregiver training

Do you worry when you leave your child in someone else’s care?

No one knows your child like you do. And it’s stressful if you are working or taking time for yourself to think that your nanny, family member or respite worker might not understand your child’s special needs. You want to feel confident that when you’re not there, your child is safe, happy and thriving.

Caregiver training will give you peace of mind.

The person you entrust to care for your child will learn: 

  • How your child’s developmental, intellectual or physical challenges impact his behaviour and ability to learn
  • How to see past your child’s challenges and appreciate the wonderful child she is
  • How to provide a safe and loving environment for your child
  • Why it’s important to maintain your child’s routines, rules and limits
  • How to anticipate and respond to challenging behaviour in a manner consistent with yours
  • How to engage your child in meaningful activities instead of relying on TV and other electronics as a babysitter

Who will benefit?

  • Families with children who are having behavioural challenges at home
  • Families with children who have an autism spectrum disorder or related neurodevelopmental disorder
  • Families of children who have communication issues and/or social delays

Let’s talk about how I can work with you and your child’s caregiver to give you peace of mind when you’re not there. Contact me here or call 416-875-7593.