Do you long to have a better connection with your child?

Do you feel overwhelmed and alone as a parent?

Do you want to be able to advocate better for your child with educators and caregivers?

Do you want more joy in your family life?


Being a parent is hard. And it is wonderful. When the challenges seem to be taking over the good stuff, it may be time to get some parenting support. It is easy to lose confidence and feel overwhelmed when we have children that require extra help, patience and time. But there is always opportunity for change.

As a Parenting Coach and RDI™ Consultant, I bring that possibility with me. I help you learn new strategies and expand your parenting toolbox so that you feel more confident and equipped for parenting your individual child. I will also work with your child’s educators and/or caregivers so that they better understand your child’s needs and can help ensure a consistent approach overall.

I believe that parents know their child best. Sometimes, they just need a little support to find the possibility in their parenting.

Contact me now to bring more possibility and more joy to your family!

"Stacey has helped our son develop, given me the confidence and tools to guide him as he grows up, helped bring our family back together, and helped my husband and me stay on track together as a couple."

Parent Coaching

Every parent goes through ups and downs with their children. As a professionally trained coach, I can support you through those difficult times and empower you to confidently address challenges with your children and bring more joy to your family.

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As a certified RDI™ Consultant and with expertise in behaviour and child development, I work with parents, caregivers, and schools to help children with ASD realize their potential and lead more fulfilling lives.

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Relationship Development Intervention (RDI™) is a parent-based autism remediation program that teaches children, adolescents and young adults the abilities they need to communicate effectively, develop friendships and enjoy independence.

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