School Consulting & Training

Do you worry that the teachers or EAs don’t really understand your child?

Do you have concerns that your child is not meeting his potential at school?

Do you wait in fear of the next phone call home?

Do you wonder if your child is making friends?

Even if your communication is good with your child’s teachers and daycare staff, it’s hard to know exactly what goes on at school. You want to feel confident that the people you’ve entrusted to care for and educate your child really ‘get’ her. You want to know that they understand her learning style, specific needs and how to bring out the best in her – socially, emotionally and academically.

Some children can do well in any environment, while those who have special needs or a “spirited” temperament may find aspects of school or daycare challenging. I partner with you and your child’s teachers/support staff to determine what’s at the root of his difficulties and, together, we devise a plan to best support him.

Consultations will help teachers and support staff learn:

  • Strategies to resolve or manage challenging behaviour
  • Strategies to promote success at school
  • How the specific deficits of autism or other special needs impact your child’s ability to learn
  • How to identify and overcome these and other obstacles
  • How to transfer responsibility for learning to your child
  • Communication strategies that encourage independent thinking

Who will benefit?

  • Families with children who are having behavioural difficulties at school
  • Families with children who have an autism spectrum disorder or related neurodevelopmental disorder
  • Families of children who have communication issues and/or social delays


My Services

Choose the service that works best for you and your child’s school or daycare:

Strategy Sessions:  One-hour consultations to address specific challenges that your child is experiencing at school or daycare – in person, via telephone or Internet conferencing (Skype)

Child Observation Package:

  • One to two-hour assessment of your child at daycare or school, including recess (mainstream and special education classrooms)
  • One-hour assessment of your child’s current functioning, strengths and obstacles (if applicable)
  • Review of comprehensive parent, teacher and daycare questionnaires and relevant school and medical reports
  • Follow-up meeting to present observations and recommendations (includes strategies and resources)
  • Telephone coaching sessions with teachers, support staff or daycare workers (as needed)

Educational Workshops – I provide interactive workshops for parents, teachers and support staff, and professionals that include practical strategies that you can use immediately.

Topics include:

  • Strategies to Promote Meaningful Communicating
  • Strategies to PREVENT Challenging Behaviour
  • Helping Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder thrive in School Settings


Contact me now to discuss how we can set your child up for success at school or daycare!  Contact me here or call 416-875-7593.

Stacey is a wealth of knowledge! Our school truly appreciated Stacey’s guidance and support with a student with Asperger’s... read more >>

Maureen Jarvis, Special Education Co-ordinator,
John Knox Christian School, Oakville, ON