"My family has had the privilege of working with Stacey Tessis for the past 5 years. Our son, who is now 10, has autism, and Stacey has been leading our family in the remediation of Charlie’s challenges through the Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) program.

Stacey is so much more than an RDI Consultant for us. She has helped our son develop, given me the confidence and tools to guide our son as he grows up, helped bring our family back together, and helped my husband and me stay on track together as a couple.

When we first met Stacey, our family was in crisis – struggling with our new reality, stressed and lost in how to best move forward. Stacey is professional but at the same time warm and genuine.

She is an incredible listener, very creative, non-judgmental, energetic, dependable, patient, and so knowledgeable. We are so fortunate to have found Stacey so early in our journey with our son. Through her guidance, our son, and our family have come such a long way!"       
- Mother, Toronto

"I have worked with Stacey for almost 5 years. My son Calin is now almost 13. Looking back at our experience, I get very emotional. It was very hard for me to trust someone else. I remember how difficult it was for me to find a meaningful activity to do with my son and thought this would be impossible to accomplish.

Stacey helped ME to slow down and be mindful of my communication and how I interact with Calin. I am now very confident and relaxed with him and he trusts me and wants to follow my lead. Although Calin still has problems talking, he now uses more words and phrases to express himself, and his writing and math have improved.

The resilience that he developed through the RDI program helps him to face new challenges, persevere and stay confident. Thank you Stacey, for helping me to see joy and excitement in Calin's eyes."       – Oana Curelaru, Toronto

"Stacey is a wealth of knowledge! Our school truly appreciated Stacey’s guidance and support with a student with Asperger’s.

She came into the school to observe the student then met with the EA and teachers to create the best plan to support the student’s needs. Stacey’s focus was to allow the student to receive support while developing independence, self-regulation and problem-solving skills.

Stacey was available for phone consultations and offered guidance to difficult behaviour struggles along the way."

Maureen Jarvis
Special Education Co-ordinator
John Knox Christian School
Oakville, Ontario